Apr 4, 2023Liked by Sarah Cypher

I think I just experienced PTSD reading this! 😅

I’m so happy for you, Sarah, that you’re getting to have this Big Book experience. 💜

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Lol, I'm sorry for the PTSD! We can celebrate post-publication whenever I made it to PDX!

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Mar 31, 2023Liked by Sarah Cypher

That's a lot of stuff! really eye-opening for me.

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This is so, so illuminating! Thank you for sharing it, and I hope the last few weeks before launch bring you joy!

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Mar 27, 2023Liked by Sarah Cypher

As someone who is finally able to REALLY chase a llife long pipe dream of becoming a writer, this is invaluable information to know. Thanks so much for sharing!

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Hi Sarah,

Just got my tax refund and seeing how things are going with you, I just preordered the book!

A couple more weeks!

On my way to the The Threepenny Editor website.

Monica Hileman

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